Sales Promotions: Don’t get Swept Away

pch Sweepstakes are a way that allow companies to advertise their merchandise while getting customers to participate. One such sweepstake is the Publisher’s Clearing House which gets people involved by playing on their need to get rich. America is great for promoting the American Dream which includes that dream house, the dream care, and the dream family.

So the sweepstakes in their advertising tactics hires a star [Ed McMann] and each year they announce a winner from entries. Sounds simple right? Winning all that money? Limosine at the door? Guess again, because through this sweepstake as with all sweepstakes the idea is to get the public to spend money.
Ogden & Ogden (2014) wrote concerning Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion describes incentive and interest-creating activities that are designed to get customers to buy immediately instead of waiting. Sales promotions are often separated into two distinct types: 1) consumer, and 2) trade (or B2B). There are many different types of sales promotions used by marcom managers to stimulate sales. Sales promotion vehicles include (but aren’t limited to) coupons, contests, sweepstakes, rebates, product demonstrations, product/service sampling, BOGOs (buy one, get one), premiums (free items such as cups and pens), and “price-off” offers [Sales Promotion Section; para.1].

Hence, with in the entry point of the sweepstake potential customers are invited to subscribe to various magazine offers [I,e., publishers] for a percentage off newsstand prices. Therefore, each entry is contingent on each subscription.

Ogden & Ogden (2014) stated that the marketing communications mix consists of (a) advertising, (b) personal selling (c) sales promotion [sweepstakes], (d) public relations/publicity [star endorsement], (e) direct marketing [mail advertisings], (f) electronic/internet marketing [email], and (g) branding. The thing about magazines is that the publishers do not advertise on television so one may see magazines at the checkout in many stores, rather, than on the tv screen.

Creating integration and consistency in communication is a necessary tool to ensure that the brand of the company will be remembered and participation of the public is of essence to ensure that the brand is well known.

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Hollywood Cowardice: George Clooney Explains Why Sony Stood Alone In North Korean Cyberterror Attack

Kay Dailey:

George Clooney has the answer. The most powerful people in Hollywood were so fearful to place themselves in the cross hairs of hackers that they all refused to sign a simple petition of support that Clooney and his agent, CAA’s Bryan Lourd, circulated to the top people in film, TV, records and other areas. Not a single person would sign. Here, Clooney discusses the petition and how it is just part of many frightening ramifications that we are all just coming to grips with.

Originally posted on Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: As it begins to dawn on everyone in Hollywood the reality that Sony Pictures was the victim of a cyberterrorist act perpetrated by a hostile foreign nation on American soil, questions will be asked about how and why it happened, ending with Sony cancelling the theatrical release of the satirical comedy The Interview because of its depiction of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. One of those issues will be this: Why didn’t anybody speak out while Sony Pictures chiefs Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton were embarrassed by emails served up by the media, bolstering the credibility of hackers for when they attached as a cover letter to Lynton’s emails a threat to blow up theaters if The Interview was released?

George Clooney has the answer. The most powerful people in Hollywood were so fearful to place themselves in the cross hairs of hackers that they all refused to…

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Dear Prudence: My boyfriend can’t handle my family’s teasing — should he just grow thicker skin?

Kay Dailey:

Most people, you’ve probably found, don’t seek out social occasions at which they will be relentlessly mocked.

Originally posted on National Post | News:

Dear Prudence,

In my family, especially around the holidays, you have to be able to dish it out and take it. Good-natured ribbing about the things you’ve done, large and small, flies around the room, and the measure of how much we like you is how much we tease you. No matter how much I tell that to my current boyfriend, he doesn’t get it. He takes my family’s barbs as personal. They give him grief about his age (which really isn’t that old) or about how all his friends have children (and he doesn’t) or about how his favourite team never wins the Super Bowl (while theirs does). He’s a super straight arrow, and it’s even hard to come up with things to tease him about. If he dished it out in return, they’d respect him for it. Instead, he politely sits there, smiles uncomfortably, and waits for it…

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Cognitive versus Emotional Strategy

marketing-profs-2010-benchmarkA Red Lobster commercial is a good example of selling sizzle where someone is pouring butter on hot steaming lobster, but it is not the food per se that incites emotion– it is the smiles, the party like atmosphere and the togetherness of family which makes the marketing tool most effective to draw customers.

Stan Mack, author for the Houston Chronicles wrote concerning factors that add to the emotional appeal:

Many factors determine the effectiveness of emotional marketing. Variations in consumers’ value systems, for example, might cause your advertisement to stimulate different emotions in various consumer groups. People’s wishes and desires also change significantly as they move through the stages of life. For instance, an advertisement that stimulates an emotional response in adolescents might have little effect on 40-year-olds and no effect at all on senior citizens. In other words, for your emotional marketing to be effective, you must understand the needs and emotions of the consumer groups you plan to target [Factors Section].

In essence, all things cultural, that is (a) family, (b) beliefs, and (c) ones desires and wishes are summed up in a commercial that sells the sizzle, and not necessarily the food so to speak. Further, a good memorable occasion.

On the other hand a cognitive strategy, would allow one to gain information about the product being offered. For example, a yogurt company advertises and adds that the product is good for digestive tracts [GI Tract], while also using women as the associative gender, because women are most likely to eat yogurt, and also most likely to care about their digestive health. Hence, the educational value of the product has been confirmed compared to other commercials and brands that do not provide the information, nor a hint of educational value is given.


The Effects of Emotional Marketing

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Couple gets red light camera ticket for their stolen car

Kay Dailey:

Traffic signal camera can help save lives, and the knowledge they are there can make people more focused on what they need to do to be safe. That said, I believe its more about the money than duality used to catch crooks.

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[ooyala code=”lrZHNkcjpDDS2PGMQHA-niNAQLVq_si1″ player_id=”c660b791c3704ff69d4162d7adb7c4a1″]

HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI) – one couple had their car stolen while warming up their car in Hazelwood.  Three days later, the same Subaru sped through the intersection at Goodfellow and Natural Bridge road; first at 10:30am and then at 3pm.

The couple didn’t have a clue. Days later, they got two red light camera tickets.  The fines will be waived, since the car was stolen. But, the victims feel it`s a missed opportunity. The red light cameras didn’t help catch the thief.

“Yeah, the crime was committed, but there was a separate kind of crime involved with this that they didn’t even know about, and they probably could have just by running the plate. They could have known right away that`s a stolen car.” said Don Harshbarger.

According to Hazelwood police, by the time the company American Traffic Solutions gets the ticket, it takes about two weeks…

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Its so Hard to say to Goodbye to Yesterday? No not Really!

Kay Dailey:

As we can see there is no binding up if the leaders are urging the folly

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10488221_905713779441253_2206720311188412582_nThe scriptures say that the believers are to judge within the body. What that means is if we see someone in a sin [sexual or otherwise] then we are to be confronted or to confront on that thing. The scripture says to convict them.

In other words, you have heard of an intervention? This is it.

“And if your brother sins against you, go and reprove him, between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. “But if he does not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word might be established.’ “And if he refuses to hear them, say it to the assembly. And if he refuses even to hear the assembly, let him be to you like a gentile and a tax collector. “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on…

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Your Sunday Bread: Escape or Excuse

download (1)It is a bunch of crock and bull to use the excuse ‘its a spirit’ concerning homosexuality, or rather, all sin for that matter. Well yeah, duhhh it is a spirit, but if we have authority to case out demons in the Name because these people are carrying a wicked spirit then why aren’t people able to cast those out?

In essence, we yell its a spirit, because we do not know what to do. Its like giving up, helpless, without hope and walking away.

Hence, here comes another excuse because people cannot get help which says they are born that way. Bull corn, fooey and boloney! No! Yah said male and female. So if someone is saying different that means they are lying to them self. A lie has to be thought of, convincing self to belief and then acted out. Then someone none discerning believes the lie too wanting to be well like, wanting to be a good parent, friend, not wanting to offend. People are tricked to unbelief. Because there is always a way out. Yah said it, he provides an escape (1 Corinthians 10:13), but we don’t want escape we want excuse. The Most High said that people are without excuse (Romans 1).

Come on now let us reason. Better yet, let us look at the fact that anyone needs help. There is a problem that has over powered the so called church, and its not cause people are not praying, it is because they are praying in the wrong Name.

For your hearing:

Romans 1-2