OCBC Bank Case Study: An Analysis

ocbcc813eLong gone are the days when people had to fight for suitable treatment in the work place. At least for some employees who wake up to go to the old nine to five suitable treatment is a reality where employers and managers not only care about the state of the company, but the state of welling being of the people who serve to make their company successful. OCBC Bank of Singapore, has been that suitable company for nearly eighty years through strategic contribution, in which OCBC Human Resources Management [HRM] as Morgan & Stark (2014) wrote concerning strategic contribution an organization must “Be able to be key contributors in their organizational success.(Morgan & Stark, 2014). In this article there is analysis of the OCBC contribution and company success through collaborative efforts of education and mentoring throughout the term of employment and beyond.
It is ironic that Pandy (2012) mentions “Human Capital ‘concerning their job pool, because in America there is rumor that some jobs are nothing more than labor farms, never investing anything into the help they hire. In fact, concerning this human capital and investment the OCBC Bank does invest and relay the message which says that their “Investment helps to build the capabilities of employees to deliver superior performance.” (Pandy, 2014).
In reference to talent management, according to the article OCBC’s investment includes:
(a) Learning—which includes ongoing business strategy, and
(b) (b) Aligning employee learning objectives with those of the business to suit their goals to help employees build a career not just a job. (Pandy, 2012).
For example, the Career Best Program is a three year program for new hires (2007), and the OCBC Learning Academy, also known as the Learning Space @OCBC.
To further boost their employees, the OCBC Bank has excellent talent management, even, for their former employees where management attempts to with job placement efforts. For those employees with extraordinary talent there is a first deb to job openings within the company which according to Pandy (2012) “Pushes high potential talent out of their comfort zones”. There is also rotating schedule to give employee an opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the work, and to, develop new skills. This rotation in turn helps productivity (Pandy, 2012). In addition, there is also travel opportunity accompanied by senior management. Hence for all the aforementioned investments in their employee pool OCBC allows for sustainability as The OCBC Group (2015) wrote:

We have a structured three-year development program that charts the learning roadmaps for every employee during their first 3 years of service. Employees have opportunities to hone their skills through on-the-job training, in-house training programs, courses and other management development program. Our employees are encouraged to take charge of their own careers through our Career Best Program. This program allows them to evaluate their strengths and career orientation, and find the best fit between their talents and OCBC’s organizational needs. Through our Internal Job-Posting program, we provide employees the choice to pursue job opportunities across the OCBC Group, locally and overseas. This career mobility opportunity is key to attracting and retaining talents in the organization. Overseas postings are offered to employees who have the right skill sets and aspire to gain work experience in the different markets that we operate in. (The OCBC Group, 2015, para. 1).

The following are added benefits and topics of interest of being a talent at the OCBC Bank, according to The OCBC Group (2015):
1. Work-life Integration
2. Online health and security dashboard
3. Labor regulations
4. Relationships with unions
Comparatively, Wells Fargo gave tips to keep ones employees motivated as well: (a) Learn how employee training and open communication can improve employee retention, (b) Welcome the new hires to motivate on the first day, (c) Offer new challenges, including new roles, (d) Invest in training which might include seminars, workshops and mentoring by senior staff, (e) Keep the lines of communication open, and (f) Fulfill management needs. Wells Fargo gave review of a study which notes:

One study showed that employees receiving predominantly negative feedback from their managers were over 20 times more likely to be engaged than those receiving little or no feedback, proving that any form of feedback from an employer is better than none at all [Keep the Lines of Communication Open Section].

Though similar in context for this article Wells Fargo does not expound on programs aimed to educate their employees for better productivity past the first day of welcome.
In another article, Yasimine Yahya (2013) wrote of OCBC Bank:

This is becoming ever more important as increasing numbers of OCBC’s clients are doing business outside Singapore. “If we want to serve them well, we need to be able to communicate with them on the same wavelength as they know about the markets,” he said. Other employee schemes include the Future Leaders Program, which identifies high-potential staff and grooms them for top management roles. (Yahya, 2013).

In conclusion, the OCBC Bank of Singapore takes interest in their employees by first educating their employees to welcome them in the first three years of their work life with the company much like a mom would nurture her babe while learning to walk, while, Wells Fargo welcomes their employees on the first day which makes that special, but what about the next day or even years activities? Conversely, seminars, workshops and programs are great, however. OCBC Bank’s dedication to an entire floor further cements engagement tactics for present tense situations. All and all, the OCBC Bank’s care of its employees allow longevity of employment to add employee morale, plus, productivity in the workplace.

Push Pull Strategy in Business Marketing

Pull strategy progression: promotion, customer, retailer, and manufacturer. Push strategy progression: manufacturer, retailer, promotion, and customer.

Photo by: Ogden, J. R., & Ogden, D. T. (2014). Integrated marketing communications: Advertising, public relations, and more. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

The three sales strategies for promotion are push, pull and as Ogden & Ogden (2014) wrote, “there can be a combination of the two”(Ogden & Ogden, 2014).

As illustrated in Figure 6.4, the push and pull strategy works thus: (a) the promotion which prompts potential retailers and customers to buy, (b) the deal between the manufacturer and the service provider.

For example, in purchasing my daughter’s tablet some months ago from Sam’s club the tablet came with a limited manufacturer’s warranty, and I also had the options to purchase an additional extension warranty from Sam’s. It is the case, that the tablet malfunctioned and as a result the manufacturer after several attempts to repair it had to replace it. Then a few months after that my daughter tripped over the dog outside [he is a big dog] and broke the screen on the tablet, Sam’s warranty refunded the full purchase price for that brand stating that the screen was too expensive to repair. This type service is a good promotion tactic for retailers and manufacturers alike.

Finally, (c) the promotion to the customer, and it is the case, that Black Friday is a good promotional tactic where people fat from the holiday turkey are ready to spend. It is past sane thinking why people would get up at three in the morning to stand in line for a sale, however, the tradition lives on for those who want first tab at new line Jordan’s or even first dibs at a new television. Hence, the push, pull strategy works well for all who aim to buy and sell.

Marketing: Take Every Opportunity

download (1)A good reason why a company would conduct a marketing analysis, and use smart goals is to see how products are received by the public, and to know how other companies are faring as well in their advertising and marketing venues. This is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (Ogden & Ogden, 2014)

For example, if a company sells knives. Most advertisements on television sell for $19.95 and include extras to sell them and they will tell you that the product is not sold in stores, and the ideal that it is not sold in stores changes the consumer’s perception that they now believe they are getting a special by making the purchase before it is sold in the store. However, what the consumer fails to realize is that any knife is sharp when first purchased, whether it is sold on television or sold in a package on a store rack. In essence, the competitive edge is that the television advertisement makes the view of the knife personal when they say ‘not sold in stores’ or ‘the first so many callers’. So Cutco, took themselves off  television and hired people to market for them through demonstrating the product in the customer’s home. Furthermore, the demonstrations have no cold calling attached as with many companies who use a telemarking type ways to advertise their brand. What Cutco does is use a referral system or recommendation, that is, friends, family, friends of friends and so on so that there is a continual flow of customers without the need to impede false promises on the public. Cutco is not sold in stores. In actuality Cutco offers a lifetime guarantee of its product and free knife sharpening as well–forever. [See: The Forever Guarantee].

Ogden &Ogden (2014) wrote:

Reach is the number of different people (or households) exposed to a message at least once. Frequency is the average number of times an individual is exposed to a message. If a company mails out a postcard to inform people of an event, the reach is the number of households who received the postcard. If the company decides to send the postcard out to the same households three more times to remind people of the event, the frequency is four. The marketing communications mix is comprised of seven variables: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations/publicity, direct marketing, electronic and Internet marketing, and branding. (Ogden & Ogden, 2014).

In essence, the Cutco Company makes a lasting impression by doing in-home demonstrations educates people about their product as well as gaining friends in the community who love their product and become intimate with it before the purchase, and this is why companies miss out with the barrage of television commercials that set people up to be let down. Essentially, the premise is word of mouth, and not that there are representatives in every city, however, sales reps can never reach as many people as the television can and since that is so the aim is to go as family so that the customers tell their friends what a great deal they got.

Anyone interested in a demonstration to see how Cutco can work for you send me an email at kjs0061@yahoo.com with contact information. Not in the area? There are virtual appointments as well.

Your Sunday Bread: Your Infidelity Costs More than You Think

1-Samuel-11-2So you believe that since you stopped cheating on him or her that thing is over? Well the affair might be over, but the saga of the infidelity and the unfaithfulness lives on. It is not the case that a person likes to dwell on a thing, however, what one must know is that once trust is broken its difficult to give that again. Hence, an issue of broken trust is far reaching. In fact, people can not trust the person as far as they can see [See: 10 Signs You’re Having An Emotional Affair].
If it is a matter of an emotional affair, then, it might have been better for you had you went through with the actual act.
Scripture says, “If a man even looks at a woman with lust in his heart he has committed [the act of] adultery already”.
Take heed, because in this view people have lost trust and in some instances not able to find that again.

For your hearing:

Matthew 5:27-28

Watch: Emotional Infidelity: Is It Worse Than A Sexual Affair?

Your Sunday Bread: Yah Give Me Strength so I can Pray?

wisdom-large-32 Chronicles 1:10  “Now give me wisdom and knowledge, so that I go out and come in before this people. For who is able to rightly rule this great people of Yours?” 

Many people, including myself when we hear someone speak of wisdom may think of this as being lessons learned. Or some of us see having grey hair as wisdom. Right? Every single thing we go through can be a lesson, though seemingly, some of us are lacking in the wisdom department of life.

I can attest, there are many hard knocks of life that have gained me much wisdom, or so I perceived, because frankly I thought I could see until I found out I was blind as a bat.

Let me explain, because that verse is not speaking of ‘street wise’.

Wisdom is more than the grey hair on our heads, and most certainly more than what we learned in the street. If there are those of us who have made it out of that safe and sound, still in one piece I commend you. Congratulations for dodging the bullet, because most certainly we have placed ourselves in some dangerous circumstances. Of course, not all people have been there and done that, so for you I say better safe than sorry doesn’t do much for those who are living on the dangerous side of the fence, however, there is a lesson for everyone to learn from someone else. So congrats to you too even if you are a scardey cat!

So wisdom is more than an experience gained, it is a skill gained from the experience. We should face the fact that not all experiences have gained us skill. Hence, we are still doing those things even though we know some of that is not good for us.

In fact there are a few things that wisdom is such as:

Skill. This type skill solves problems. Now I can say going to school teaches us many skills for on the job, however, this type wisdom can seek answers to probems where no man can think of. It is the case, this skill is from above. Ever been given direction from the Most High beforehand?

  1. Dexterity. The ability to think and act quickly in a situation, and or, cleverly. We use this in sports, or other activity. Sports fans should be able to relate to the skill it takes for that runner with the football to manuever past the opposition on the field.
  2.  Comprehension. Understanding, or rather, the act of grasping with the intellect, and knowledge gained.

Ok we gain some knowledge of the streets and know [in some instances what not to do]; however, even when we know what not to do we still do it because we have become skilled at it. Hence, wisdom can be applied to the bad or immoral behavior too. Call that stupidity. However, Wisdom for this occasion, and the type wisdom Solomon asked was that ‘His eyes be opened’ to see. This would entail that man has not this type wisdom, and never has asked because scripture says that Yahuah gave it to Solomon and there has never been a man before him or after with such. So then men are too smart, but without this type wisdom– street wise.

Today: I want to be taught by Yahuah. Don’t you? To do the right thing.

For your hearing:

2 Chronicles 1-3

Your Sunday Bread: Is Rah El?

1John2-15-16I was sitting here and the thought occurred that people take their sin lightly believing its not hurting anyone. Of course, it [the sin that so easily beset] feels good, otherwise, no one would participate would they?

In the Hebrew text there is only one word which describes that force opposite of good, or right and that is ‘rah’ which means something so disgustingly unpleasant that when in its presence one is face to face with a very distressful or injurious situation. According to the Hebrew definition this premise of ‘rah’ goes beyond what is reasonable [to imagine], or rather, what is predictable. In fact, in the Hebrew the term is such that there is evidence of malignancy there. Go see for yourself, that is, rah: Strongs G7451; and or, root ‘ra’ah’ H7489. Here we want to speak about the translation and the tendency that some of the power is lost when the word ‘rah’ becomes evil vs wicked. Let’s talk about this.

Accordingly, scripture tells us that the temptations appeal to our innermost senses, that is, (a) lust of the flesh, (b) lust of the eyes, and (c) the pride of life which all create in us ‘beastly’ personalities if not balanced with life in righteousness, or rather being led by Yah’s Spirit (Galatians 5:16). Then know that one is ‘rah’ if there is not the Ruach in us to help us through these temptations.

So then we note this term rah sheds light on our behavior, and one should ask why would Yahuah call us “filthy rags” if this were not so? In fact, one should question why the covenant was necessary in the first place, however, we have not questioned this and have set about to accept man’s terms over the Most High’s.

“Because all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – is not of the Father but is of the world.” (1 John 2:16). This is the new testament which some people claim gives premise to disobey. No, we have not called our idolatrous acts disobedience, however, this thing is so critical that people even upon seeing truth claim that the law is abolished. Have not people eyes to ear and see truth? Obviously not!Here is what happen when ‘rah’ became evil:

morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked

This definition is not explanatory since it doesn’t challenge one’s moral compass. What is it then which makes a person immoral according to the Most High? And if we never visit Torah how would we know it?Read: The first books [Torah], but Exodus 20 is a good guide.


morally bad
: having or showing slightly bad thoughts in a way that is funny or not serious
: very bad or unpleasant

Since we know that we love and like our sin then how can we identify with these definitions without explanation?For your hearing:”Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2:15). In essence, one should ask Is ‘Rah’ El?

Your Sunday Bread: Steadfast & Unmovable

saiKeep your eye on the prize. Know that the race is not given to the swift, nor is it given to the strong but to those who endure [hold on, hang in there, who do not give up and do not faint]. until the end.
“I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the mighty, nor even bread to the wise, nor even riches to men of understanding, nor even favour to men of knowledge – for time and chance meets with them all”. (Ecclesiastes 9:11).
So what that says today is that all have the same start, but unfortunately not all hang in there.
Today: Are you the one? Today are you the one who will hold on to the finish. It is well today, believe it.
For your hearing:
(1 Corinthians 15:58) Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Master, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Master.