How to take the Hum Drum out of the House Hunt

Whatever happened to days gone by, when finding a home was a family affair? Are they gone forever?

In past times one would buy their local newspaper, read the classified listings to see what was available, make phone calls to sellers, and arrange a meeting to see the working of the house, and families were eager to move and eager to hunt.

Moreover, this time could be seen as family time, a time to share opinions and further family bonding; the father, would round up the wife and kids and go about the task of finding their new home. What has happened to the family who had an opinion on the house they chose together?

Can anything good come from the internet home search? Is there anything good found in sitting in front of the computer to find; of all things, a home to live in? Where is the human interaction? Nowadays, the norm is to find a site and visit each home through picture or virtual tours. This saves time but somehow takes the fun out of the family event. Notably, the family misses out on what could be quality time.

Something’s are irreplaceable when it comes to the hunt for a new home:

  • Family time
  • Human Interaction in business
  • A personal experience with the home of your dreams
  • Confidence

For more on the House Hunt: click here

House Hunting video tour: click here

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