Gay Rights: Leave them to it!

People might be shocked to know that I support gay rights, because I am Christian. However, I cannot say that I believe that the act of homosexuality is right, because it goes against what God says. Therefore, I believe that if gay people want to get married I support their decision to be so if that is what makes them happy, because I have adopted the thought which says, “Leave them to it.” Who am I to go against that which God has deemed abominable? (Romans 1).

English: Protesters for gay marriage at the 20...

English: Protesters for gay marriage at the 2009 Marcha Gay in Mexico City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, in saying that I support gay marriage I have to say why; hence, I believe that all people of the United States should have equality, and I believe that if a person is gay that neither their sexual orientation nor their choice of a mate has anything to do with being a member of the country they live. I also do not believe any of their choices give an account for denial of reaping benefits like everyone else in the country.

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