The Lies Keep Coming


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

“It’s laughable, but not un-predictable, that the Obama campaign would attempt to attack Mitt Romney for his support of a conservative Republican like Rep. Steve King, who has been re-elected by his district 5 times since 2002.”After all, Romney’s support came at an event focused on faith and the family, according to the Des Moines Register. ”

And? Time in and time out America has heard and watched as those of the GOP hearlded insult after insult at the President of the United States, Barack Obama for trying to straightened out a mess that it would take Jesus himself to deliver the nation from.

A man of faith and family, who? Nick Romney and his sidekick what’s name? Pretty boy with the neat ties, Paul Ryans? Aren’t they the same ones who holler cut medicaid funding and handle sickness with a voucher, and aren’t they the same who want to cut your childrens college funding so that those who can’t pay tuition will be or continue to be poor; while they fill their pockets further hoarding what should belong to all?

Faith, family? Hog wash!

America you had better watch your back, front and sides on this fella!

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