Medicare Supplements, not government Medicare Program

English: In the United States, Medicare benefi...

English: In the United States, Medicare benefits by gender and wage levels. According to author Joseph Fried, this graphic uses information from: C. Eugene Steuerle and Adam Carasso, “The USA Today Lifetime Social Security and Medicare Benefits Calculator,” (Urban Institute, October 1, 2004), from: Note: The calculator does not include the value or cost of the Social Security disability program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a telemarketer calls saying that they want to speak to you on behalf of a insurance provider; concerning your Medicare Coverage, seniors contacted might be under the impression that the government is calling, but this is not the case. Telemarketers are hired by Independent Agents to generate leads.

I was a lead generator for more than 24 years and it was easy to persuade the people I spoke with to set up an appointment for an agent of a particular company to speak with them. Hence, we see that not all people who sign up with these supplemental insurances are informed; enough.

Notably, there is enough evidence that there is need for a subject specific word on medicare and those supplements being mistaken as Government sponsored Medicare Program, because they are not the same.

Medicare is a program for those people who when they turned 65 are placed in the program automatically by the United States Government. There is no choice to say whether you want it or not when it comes to this medical provision, and before your 65th birthday you will be notified of your pending account and reiteration of what you will receive as far Social Security Benefits and Medicare.

Is Medicare Free?

Many people do not pay a premium for Part A, as long as they have contributed to the Social Security system for a minimum of forty quarters. Since the inception of the program, there has been a premium forMedicare Part B. The initial premium was $3.00 per month and the current premium is $110.50 or higher for people who began receiving medicare during 2010. There are many more complex guidelines that would have to be examined to determine the exact cost of Medicare but it is safe to deduce that it is not free.

What is a Medicare Supplement?

As stated above Medicare Part A is free, however, Part B is not. Conversely, because of astronomical medication and hospital bills insurance companies saw a way to help; that is, by designing a supplement to your medicare coverage called Medicare Advantage, this is not government issued. They provide PPO’s, HMO‘s and PFF’s as in any other insurance policy you might own; the exception is that these are not group polices.

Medicare Advantage has many providers or underwriters, there is:

The decision is yours when it comes to which plan fits your needs; choose wisely.

For more information on the Government Medicare Program: Click Here:

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