Your Sunday Bread: The Garden

Sometimes we understand the worldview or the secular songs, better to explain sex than we talk about it in a more positive light. Everybody wants to Bump and Grind, Slow Jam, Enter the Secret Garden of somebody and just Knock Boots all night. Most of the time we play into the hand of the enemy through the world view we get what we ask for…lustful sex and nothing more.

Please, don’t be offended, I know that there are older more conservative views going forth about sex. The older womens’ thoughts to the younger women was to never talk about it, and older men to the young and old talk about it, talk about those who give it to you and get all you can; and, now the women of this generation talk, talk, talk and talk about their goodies as bold even more so than the men. Isn’t something wrong with that?

Well the worldview has caused some problems in someone’s life, because whether you are single or married; sex just wasn’t meant to be treated so casually. There is no way that God would do that to us after making man in his image, creating a woman for him; taking her from his most inner parts. Then tell us to go and be fruitful and multiply the earth with everybody on earth.

This is not to condemn anyone, believe me I have had my day in court on this one. However, talking about sex is not easy when you have been worldly and listened to all the stuff the world offers; as well as, all it offers to enhance it. Yes, I know all about Luther, Let Me Hold You Tight and all those. Frankly, he is still good; I miss Luther. But sadly, Luther has caused some marriage break ups and made some babies out of wedlock.

Being fruitful didn’t mean multiplying with anybody or with everybody. God did that intentionally, so that  there would be unity and commitment to marriage.

Men sometimes don’t understand what a woman needs. Especially, when they have been lied to by women constantly. This is not to say that you don’t have it going on guys; however, the women you have been with, chances are that some of them didn’t like you as well as they said. Some of those women had ulterior motives attached. Maybe they needed money, maybe they like what you drove and wanted to be the one sitting there in the passenger seat; or maybe you took time with her and the kids. Whatever the case that was, not all of them told you the truth.

During a conversation with my husband, we spoke about this. My husband is very good at being honest about some of the women he has encountered in his “thug life” that’s all I can call it because that is the way it was. However, in our discussion he made it plain to me that some of the women gave clothes, money, jewelry, helped pay notes for sex and he also mentioned that most times he was drunk. Men can’t ever say they haven’t been around a block or two, up the street and around the bend anymore. Seriously, there was not anything much going on there with the sex part, no feelings just lust; if that.

We definitely have sold ourselves short when it comes to sex haven’t we…certainly, if  we are married
“The bed should remain pure.” However, it’s been tainted in some instances by outside influences. Maybe, you have not cheated per say, but have you watched porn? That, my friend is just like inviting someone else into your bed.

Marriages can be disrupted by what we know beforehand. Guys, if you have been with a bunch of freaks and are trying to persuade your wife to do stuff that “they” did then you are in for a fight, this is not being romantic when there is no passion between husband and wife. It is not slam, bam, thank you ma’am when you get married. To be real, your bedroom is not Motel 6 and your wife is not “what’s her name.”

I was pondering on this, because as we get older and start to develop more intimate relationships in dating, intention of marriage and marriage. Many people need to shed these preconceived notions that we don’t talk about sex or that we can talk about sex to everyone.

Ladies, your friends are the last people on this earth to be giving intimate details about your sex life with. I dare to say if you are unmarried you shouldn’t be doing it, but if you are keep your mouth shut about that.Married women, the place to go to talk about sex with him is to God and to your husband; no one else. I don’t think I need to say anymore than that do I?

Think of it like this:

Imagine a bud of a flower. Buds are all closed up when they are new and when the time is right they open to reveal the beautiful flower it was created to be. Bees, are a good example, because when they pollinate the flowers; the flowers open up for them and afterwards they close again. That is the most beautiful design of sex…the woman opens her flower for her man. Not any man can entice her to open it, but it is the man who God made to have it. Hence, when we go around sleeping with everyone we are being short changed and they are shorted change. Ladies, your flower will not open for anyone.

This is the problem with sex unmarried, because there are babies being born to couples who don’t belong together; he did not open your flower. Men love us, when we can give ourselves completely, thus, if your flower has not opened this is the reason why. Wait for God to show you who he is.

Another thing, is why so many babies and no daddy and no one can understand…No flower, no blossom.

This is a good word today, a real word to help. I hope it does.

Peace to you and your families.

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