Victimless Crimes? No Seat Belt Rules

 Texas Government can require and enforce that all its citizen “click it or ticket” and they mean it! During a Thanksgiving holiday my husband, daughter, and I were on our way to the store to shop, and we were pulled over for what appeared to be our not wearing seat belts.

My husband has a 1975 GMC truck which doesn’t have shoulder straps, they are lap belts; and needless to say that we have gotten pulled over on other occasions as well, one being the night before our wedding.

Can they force us to wear them? No, but they can force a hefty fine if we are found to be guilty of not wearing them, but in our case we were not; although our being stopped is not fun. I can imagine that all those tickets are a good incentive to wear them. “Living in a state that requires you to buckle up evidently has a positive impact.

Adults who live in states where a cop can pull you over if he sees you’re not wearing a seat belt are about 10% more likely to do so (88% compliance according to the CDC report), than those living in states that don’t have such a law on the books.”

The argument for the enforcement of seat belts says, “that it is for the good of everyone, but “House Bill 99-1212, which makes driving or riding in a car without a seat belt into quote: primary quote: traffic offense, is yet another attempt to control peoples decisions about risk taking.”

Compliance of the car seat law then can be seen as the same as me wearing a seat belt, I feel that the kids need to be safe from harm as well. Why would I be in a belt and the baby bouncing around about the car and risk harm of being killed while I live?

In May I was at making a right turn when  my car was struck by another vehicle; my daughter, grandson and I were less than a mile from home. I always wear my seat belt and make anyone in the car wear theirs. Fortunately, we lived; however, others are not so fortunate.

Life is too precious to place it in the hands of chance. Seat belts save lives.

Buckle Up!

CDC: Adult seat belt use at all-time high

Mandatory Seat Belt Laws Cause Dangerous Driving, and Invade Privacy

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