Bless this Family

Child Protective Services has placed 4 more children in the care of an elderly woman in Fort Worth.

CrusadersforChrist Intl Ministies, Pastor, Evangelist Marie Birdo says the 67 year old woman already had custody of 10 grandchildren; and, if that isn’t enough is caring for a son in a wheel chair as well.

The family of 16, now make their home in a cramped 2 bedroom apt.

The ages of the children, Birdo said, range from 4 mo. to 6 yrs, and the church is asking the assistance of the public for donations.Can you give to the needy today?Their sizes are whatever you give that will help in the group above; or, to find out how you can give in addition to the clothing  or for more information,
please call:

Evangelist Marie Birdo, 817-770-7792


Watch: Child Endangerment

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