Your Sunday Bread: When the Other Woman is His Mother

I want to talk to all the women out there dealing with the [other] woman. His mother.

I was very dismayed to find one day after being single, and mothering my children alone that the man of my dream came waltzing into my life without me going looking for a man. I had become settled and had resigned myself to doing me. I was in a good place in my mind, though I still had problems to iron out I was in a good place.

This man comes along and we get alone, months passed and we became close. I would love to tell you that this is a fairy tale ending type thing, but that would be too easy. So instead, I will tell you that I have had to contend with my husbands ideal woman, but its not me —she’s his mother. Except, his ideal and my real deal have been separate though not at first. At first, I think that I was much like she was. No, for him I was someone that he could mold into a project, and for a while that probably went well for him.

You see Ladies, I was weak. Hence, his ideal woman is a weak woman—just like his mother. This is not a laughing matter, its serious.

Ladies, we should not be of the mind that we have no say. Never, allow a man to take you away from your role as his wife and mother, and manager of your home. It is the case, that many women have chosen to leave their children and their homes to go to work–while—he stays home and though some dads are good in this manner, others leave the children to fiend for themselves. Hence, no one to raise the children. I didn’t do that, his mother did. Hence, I have had to stand up for my rights as a mother and a wife.


I was really angry when I found out that his ideal was unreal, and at one point I bought into it, that is, until the Most High opened my eyes. I understand that many of us work because we want a bunch of nothingness….stuff, and our children suffer for that. I also understand there are many women raising children alone, and say Yah bless you beloved. However, we all have one thing in common and that is finding strength in Yah to stand up and take our place, not as being mother and father, but decidedly what is more important is being a mother; especially when a husband can provide.

Provide he should, and with a strong woman who knows here place he will. I want to tell you that I have no problem with my man going to work. He does, however, his mother’s life and mine are separate.

Ladies, his mother and the two shall become one flesh do not mix, and neither is she part of cleaving. It is the case, that the other woman is not here any more, however, her influence still is. In which, it serves to tell you Ladies that if we are not doing a good job our sons wife will know it.

Scripture says, that a wife should respect her husband unto Yahuah. Then ask, does Yah really want me to leave my children? No, he doesn’t and neither should your man.

Today: I pray for righteous motives to abound in every home as unto Yah. Father, we thank you that these women’s husbands and their children will rise up and call them blessed, because she will be capable (Proverbs 31) of handling every situation to come her way. We pray for the children who will grow up trained well to know your Way

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