Your Sunday Bread: Confess Yourself

Well if we aren’t praying for 10250291_1008906822455281_7430879734502497823_nthe others healing then why do we pray? My grandmother, use to say “If I don’t know what a person needs then I just say they are standing in the need of prayer”.

This is a great revelation today, because what are we praying for if they have not confessed that? The confession should be to me, you, us what their wrong is, and what did you do to bring yourself to this place? I in turn share my wrongs with the heart of bringing us both to healing through prayer to the Most High Yah.

Why are we so closed mouth about it? Ladies and Gentlemen, Lies do not get us to this point; and neither does omission–nothing but the truth can heal.

Today: Are you ready for truth and healing? Then confess yourself.

For your hearing:

James 5:16

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