Homeschooling: A Matter of Principle

downloadRecently, my daughters and I decided that the children’s needs are not being met in the public school system. In the beginning when the time came to register them into Pre-K and Kindergarten we did so because I sent my children just as my mother sent me, and so on; and this, because of no knowledge of homeschooling. It is the case, that when one is ignorant of certain facts then one can only do what they know again and again. Accordingly, being privy to public school if one learns that information is not being taught, or rather, deliberately left out of history concerning their people then it would be unwise to continue on that way if one can help it. Likewise, those who by no fault of their own are being neglected, that is, those we love and care for the most–our children. Hence, for this reason we decided to take matters into our own hands, take back our right to educate our beloved so that this generation can move on to see better spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

This section is about our new beginning in getting our minds back and giving our children theirs. Look for some great messages here.

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