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kaylaWelcome to The Dailey Grind,

Every day people are met with challenges, discussing issues; either at home, in business, in the political arena or abroad. Conversely, although journalistic styles and approaches might differ there is always something missing when it comes to “real life” drama when reported in the news we see daily.

People want to know the truth of the matter, and most want to know how to handle their issues concerning ”their life.”

Notably, not all people live in fancy mansions, not all people have enough money to pay their bills; and, some people are fighting to keep homes, find homes, and find jobs. Here is also where we address barriers to life situations.

This blog will address these delicate issues and others. Furthermore, newsworthy truths will be brought to the forefront. Good reporting addresses the news that people need to see.

As a journalism student I find that news is what we live everyday; and, most importantly, I notice that those who report the news are slacking in areas; missing valid issues that are not considered.

Of course, news stations must meet demands, pay bills; this is duly noted. However, life for most people doesn’t center around a political debate, or some bankers plight in court. No, some news has gone un-noticed; or, is ignored.

Top executives say they decide what news is. I say that news is what the people live out and make it to be.

It’s all about the gathering, and all about the truth.

My name is Kay Dailey, a freelance journalist; as well as a wife, mother and student. I am on a passionate quest to get the truth out about issues which relate to family, marriage, and social perspectives of business, employment, spirituality, legal and much more.

Stay tuned… news-august-2

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