My Poems

All Poems subject to:©Copyright, 2012. The Dailey Grind. Kayla Dailey (2012). All Rights Reserved.

God is black

Today, I decided that God is black,

a black friend to me,
a black hand to guide me,
a black Father to hold me
not a black man to control me
I am free by the power of his might,
no longer have I need to fight,
Today, I decided my Daddy is,
all around me,
understanding is left to me,
I choose today
He made me in his own way
My Father,
My God,
My Daddy
is black

Yo Scapegoat Ain’t Me

Being a scapegoat takes no one by surprise

Open my eyes to all them knives trying to hide

Mama can’t feel me

Daddy cold too

My nest bout to crumble and

Nowhere to turn to

Everybody’s scapegoat make

Em’ feel good inside

Mama can’t stand you

Daddy’s hurt pride

Wander the world

My life through

Can’t get attention

‘cept when acting a fool

Goody goody’s coming

Changing your tune

Being filled with promise

Ain’t no blinders soon

Everybody’s scapegoat has

Escaped and set Free

Ain’t no one to blame

This time

Cause yo scapegoat

Ain’t me

Bad Dream

Once a child of nature

Taken from forest life

No knowledge of grief

Or restriction, no memory

Of trouble or strife

Used to hunting their own

Handcuffed, pitiful

Now broken

Living for nothing but bones

Men who think now like women

Women who think now like men

Lost from the One who can help

Them; they fall and its like

A bad dream

The evil begats other evil

To help them recover the best

They offer to walk them to freedom

With promise of gold for their

Chests. Falling for lies they have

Sold them

Stolen their legacy and

Now, life for them is a prison

To idols they, covet they bow

Hopeless, for its like

A bad dream

A Prayer for Strength

Help me Lord for I am weak

Sometimes it’s hard to even sleep

Throughout the day you give me strength

You sustain me and hold me so I can win

Tonight I ask for one last thing

To fulfill my hope and joy again

The times are hard but this I pray

For strength to walk another day

In your will Lord I commit my life

No longer full of sin and strife

Thank you Lord for peace and rest

And helping me to past lifes test

In Christ’s name


 Do not follow me, I am not worthy…

I am not worthy for you to look up to me
to follow me to yearn for me
for I do not have my own head straight
to be what you see
that is a great man in me

I am not worthy of your love for me
your seeking of me
your memories of me
when I am old and you hand me the cup that I should have given you when you were young

I am not worthy of the look of pride from my grandson’s eyes
as the memories of days that surpass my now go by
I am not worthy of this journey
I am not ready to give my self to you
not now I am not worthy for the task of being a role model
please do not follow me

I am not ready
I am not worthy
Don’t take my hand



War kills enemies,
love kills friends,
hate kills innocent,
Abortion kills enemies,
love …our babies

Passion kisses often
never thinks about,
plans, seeks to know
its seed, before pain
kills growth, life, sacrifice,

Wayward father,
trifling ways, gimme,
gimme. Finding every
woman friendly, friends
with benefits.
Hardly know each other.
Protection, why bother?
Look out! They’re gonna
kill their…baby

Whorish woman, no money,
abortionno food, no clothes, nowhere to
go, and yet she opens her legs to
sex to feel her best, to everyone she
see, and still finds a way to scrap up quarter,
dime, going to any length to kill; not
one, two, three, but four of her

Doctor, Lawyer, beggar, thief, greedy for life,
too smart to see abortion kills…their babies

For any reason, abortion kills


Just know…it is impossible to love you until I learn to love me. If my love for me is selfish, then I love with selfishness, giving it for gain. If my love for me hurts then I shall love you as myself; forgive me it is not intentional but I can only love you out of my pain. However, when I am known to love myself as the Masterpiece Yah made me to be, then I can love you through your pain, to healing, until you love yourself…we then can love together in complete victory.

There is nothing impossible for Yahwah.

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