Your Sunday Bread: Know the Truth About It and Stun the World with Your Wisdom

discerment_true_falseI felt like that people who suffer in their mind, and that some are so severely vexed they cannot determine night from day and  are taken over by evil spirits.

In fact, when my husband’s mother was sick was the first time I had experience seeing a mental collapse in a person, or rather seeing to such a degree that I saw for the first time in that home she was placed in individuals whose minds had been taken over.

One woman in a wheel chair was having fits to such a degree that she was tormented and twisted. Hence, this place was filled with demonic spirits and I said that within myself as I sat there beside my mother in law, and then a while later as my husband and I were leaving that same woman which was sorely vexed stopped screaming and turned her head  to follow us with her stare. I was looking back and noticed as the demon took over once again as she went back to that tormented place in her mind. Screaming in agony and body twitching.

I thought to myself that I should go back and pray, but did not because I was scared hearing so many stories, especially about demonic forces. However, there are still many forces to be reckoned with in everyday life because when people cannot think straight it shows. Therefore, it shows in the jails, in the hospital rooms, it shows in the sanatoriums, and it shows in us when we cannot believe truth, that is, that Yah can do the impossible.

About the following  video,  “Sign and Wonders| Glenda Jackson?” there have been many instances where so called miracles have been performed through deceiving spirits taking unsuspecting and desperate souls unawares.benny-hinn  It is the case that just because someone says they are prophetic doesn’t mean prophecy in the sense of biblical standards but in divination, which is fortune telling or a soothsayer, and the scriptures speak of how Paul was on his way to the temple and was accosted by such. The lesson in this is when to determine what is fake and what is of Yah.

In essence, do not put your money up when you can receive your healing free through your belief in the true Name of the Most High [See: Signs and Lying Wonders: Will You Be Deceived?].


”And it came to be, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of Puthon, did meet us, who brought her masters much profit by foretelling. Having followed Sha’ul and us, she cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High Elohim, who proclaim to us the way of deliverance.” And she was doing this for many days. But Sha’ul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the Name of יהושע Messiah to come out of her.” And it came out that same hour. But when her masters saw that their anticipation of money-making was gone, they seized Sha’ul and Sila and dragged them into the market-place to the rulers. And having brought them to the captains, they said, “These men, being Yehuḏim, greatly disturb our city, and they proclaim practices which are not right for us to receive nor to do, being Romans.” And the crowd rose up together against them. And the captains tore off their garments and commanded them to be beaten with rods. And having laid many blows upon them, they threw them into prison, commanding the jailer to keep them safely, who, having received such a command, put them into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks.” (Acts 16:16-28).

We should beware of the deception because the people are being robbed instead of healed. It is not the case that no people are healed, but that some people come in a name that is deceptive. Do you know the difference? As we see with the set apart ones coming in the Right name to cast out demons can cause some problems for the money makers.

For your hearing:

Matthew 24:24

Watch: Sign and Wonders| Glenda Jackson

Your Sunday’s Bread: The Winebibber, Today’s Wino

hebrew wino“The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a wine bibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.” (Mathew 11:19).

Some of these holier than thou people have turned their backs on those of us who need help, choosing to chase money and profaned doctrine. Literally, some of us who say we are saved have become so arrogant and prideful that we have become “Stuck up” and considered our service to be merely, Sunday morning worship. Wrong thought! It is not the case that Yahshuah separated himself from those who needed him most, and we must know saints that the ones who need him most are not at church but outside. He congregated with those without and was accused of being a winebibber.

What is that? In today’s terms a winebibber is literally a “Wino.”

Yes, Yahshuah liked to drink the drink. However, we also see that he did that without falling into sin. Meaning, he knew when enough is enough. We cannot begin to think this way without rebirth.

The word of Yahweh says this: “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit…” (Ephesians 5:18).

So we see that we are not to condemn those who have “addiction” issues. Yahshuah sat among them and then left his spirit to comfort those who have these ills about them.

“For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” (Hebrews 4:15).

Are we guilty of condemning those who suffer? Repent now and be restored to right thinking. Have we turned our back on the one who suffers most? Pray now and judge not lest ye be judged. In all things forgive so that you can be forgiven.

Yah is here to set the captive free. Trust him.

Stay in his presence…

Your Sunday Bread, Lord Help My Unbelief

Awesome word. Yes since we know that God is real and made angels and that He will cast Satan out of the heavenlies, but for now he comes as angel of light to fool and trick us then to turn our lives upside down; it would serve as warning to become more aware of the demons among us.

So yes, amen there are demons and they reek havoc in the lives of believers, so imagine what they are doing to those with unbelief…better ask somebody, because the mental institutions are full of people who are under the attack of the enemy and we call them insane because we don’t believe; it’s not normal behavior to run from something or someone not there. But we know that these are spirits and it makes sense that we don’t see them; we can’t see the devil he is spirit. However, we do see him at work in other people.

So are the people who are able to see them really insane or running scared?

Concerning demonic thoughts, hearing voices,

Mark 9:14-29

‘And when they came to the [nine] disciples, they saw a great crowd around them and scribes questioning and disputing with them. And immediately all the crowd, when they saw Jesus [returning from the holy mount, His face and person yet glistening], they were greatly amazed and ran up to Him [and] greeted Him. And He asked them, About what are you questioning and discussing with them?

And one of the throng replied to Him, Teacher, I brought my son to You, for he has a dumb spirit.

And wherever it lays hold of him [so as to make him its own], it dashes him down and convulses him, and he foams [at the mouth] and grinds his teeth, and he [falls into a motionless stupor and] is wasting away. And I asked Your disciples to drive it out, and they were not able [to do it].

And He answered them, O unbelieving generation [without any faith]! How long shall I [have to do] with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to Me.

So they brought [the boy] to Him, and when the spirit saw Him, at once it completely convulsed the boy, and he fell to the ground and kept rolling about, foaming [at the mouth].

And [Jesus] asked his father, How long has he had this? And he answered, From the time he was a little boy.

And it has often thrown him both into fire and into water, intending to kill him. But if You can do anything, do have pity on us and help us.

And Jesus said, [You say to Me], If You can do anything? [Why,] all things can be (are possible) to him who believes!

At once the father of the boy gave [an eager, piercing, inarticulate] cry with tears, and he said, Lord, I believe! [Constantly] help my weakness of faith!

But when Jesus noticed that a crowd [of people] came running together, He rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, You dumb and deaf spirit, I charge you to come out of him and never go into him again.

And after giving a [hoarse, clamoring, fear-stricken] shriek of anguish and convulsing him terribly, it came out; and the boy lay [pale and motionless] like a corpse, so that many of them said, He is dead.

But Jesus took [a strong grip of] his hand and began lifting him up, and he stood.

And when He had gone indoors, His disciples asked Him privately, Why could not we drive it out?

And He replied to them, This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting.

When we look at this text we can equate this to all bad behavior, because who said that talking to people who we cannot see there takes precedence over killing someone?

Powerful word, and I ask who can drive the demon out except the glory of our Elohim through fasting and prayer.

Public and Mental Health: Alcohol and the Family

The ideal of successful achievement as alleged by worldview says, that if a person has an education then he is worthy and acceptable. Moreover, people would say of  the man or woman who graduated from high school, or who has earned a degree are successful. Joe is a man who lives on the street, and one would wonder how it is that he came to be in that place.

The eyes of society would gather that he is good-for-nothing, lazy, or the scum of the earth. However, they would be surprised to know that Joe was reared by a Christian family, and went to one of the finest private learning institutions in the city. When he graduated high school he attended a prominent college to earn a Degree in Business, and from there went on to work making good money with a reputable company. His future was bright, or so it seemed, because for most he had everything he needed. As society dictates he got married, bought a house and had children. Hence, Joe was living the American Dream. Sadly, life as he once knew it ended years ago, because when I first saw Joe he was one of the people who stand outside the corner store asking for money.

His downfall began; I was told when he started going to happy hour after work with friends. First it was a few drinks to relieve the stress of the day, and then came a day when anything was a reason to drink. Fifteen years have passed and Joe has no job, no wife or family and no hope. Why? Well, Joe is now an alcoholic; however, he is not alone. Many people suffer from the disease of Alcoholism for which the world knows no cure, except when they find a Power Greater than themselves. (as cited by Griffin, 2011)

There are many people like Joe who frequent the streets of America in the throes of Alcoholism. “The drug alcohol is the leader of all drugs found in the United States.” (Mogul, 2012)  The numbers of those who partake of the most coveted of beverages reaches 12 million. Accordingly, there are “three-fourths of all adults who drink which is an average 6 percent of Americans who go on to become fully fledged alcoholics.” (Mogul, 2012) This information is troubling, because to see Joe who looks almost skeletal in appearance one has to wonder where America went wrong. Joe is not the only person who has become a statistic; further estimates show that the youth are at risk which says that those ages 12-20 are binge drinkers. (Mogul, 2012). This assumption adds up considering that Joe was just a little over that age when he graduated college. “Three-fourths of high school seniors report that they have been drunk at least once” which is astounding. (Mogul, 2012)

I was curious about the man I saw there, because contrary to how he looked he had a dash of sophistication about him. It was the way he held his hand to say thank you, and the slight tilt of his head as smiled that drew my attention. I asked around for anyone who knew his plight not wanting to seem disrespectful. Who would believe that this scraggly bearded man with the ragged clothes hanging around corner store asking for coins was once a successful gentlemen, husband and father?  Statistical data is of particular interest here, because it denotes that people with higher education are more likely to drink, and those who have higher income tend to be most affected. Figures show those 5-10 % males, and 3-6% females may be considered alcoholic, according to the National Institutes of Health (as cited by MNT, 2009).

What happened to Joe’s family? Once he started drinking which began as early as 9 a.m. there was no turning back for Joe. He would hide bottles everywhere in the house so that no one would find all them. Thus, when his family thought they had a reign on the illness it seems that the illness got an reign over them once again; Alcoholism is a family disease, and has claimed about seventy more than 70 million Americans. Accordingly,  sources say that the alcoholic family tends to step into roles where the family conveys “the perfect family” to the outside world.

Generally, each member of the family plays a part as in a theater act:

  • “The Caretaker. Usually a parent, this person tends to everyone’s needs in order to maintain appropriate appearances to the outside world.  This person tends to ignore his or her own needs and others cannot bond to the caretaker in the midst of constant bustles of activity.”
  • The Hero.  This role is usually bestowed to the child who excels in academics, arts or athletics.  The hero raises the esteem of the family to compensate for the alcoholic’s behavior.”
  • The Scapegoat.  “The scapegoat is blamed for the family’s problems, deflecting the spotlight from the real problem – the alcoholic.”
  • The Mascot.  This child is the class clown and the most popular member of the family.  His or her role is to provide laughter to a humorless state of affairs.
  • The Lost Child.  “This child disappears from family activities, spending a lot of time watching television or alone in his or her bedroom.  His or her purpose is to be low maintenance and not place any demands on an already taxed family system.”  No role is entirely owned by any particular member of the family. Unfortunately, Joe has not seen his family for years.

Is there help available for the Alcoholic who suffers?

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, the disease is a spiritual one, and is coined by professionals as a “Spiritual Disease.” The authors denotes that the disease characterizes the loss of self with the victim “wasting away, physically, and isolation.”  Help for the Alcoholic is seen in self-help groups, and church where the focus is taken away for self and placed in a Power Greater. The need for a humbled spirit of surrender is foremost for those successful. Hence, finding hope, finding oneself can be seen in giving back, and paying forward to mend shattered and broken relationships.”

There is hope for Joe and others if they believe.

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Alcohol Addiction has Spiritual Consequence

English: Relative risk of an accident based on...

English: Relative risk of an accident based on blood alcohol levels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To drink continuously leads to drunkeness. Yes, fermented and the factory made drink today are totally different. Fermented wine actually has health benefits. A little wine is good for the stomach.(1 Timothy 5:23). However, as with anything people tend to overdue it and become drunk. God says don’t do it (Ephesians 5:18 )

There are limits to everything we do that are not to control us but to keep us safe. Although the bible permits drinking of wine we are encouraged to take precaution and care not to get drunk. Horrible things can occur when someone has had too much…addiction can occur, rapes, murders and most sin of the sexual nature can occur.

For example, when Noah was drunk his son saw his nakedness; whether it was his son seeing his wife or whether it was his son seeing him the thing is something bad came from that which probably never happened had Noah not been drunk. Now Noah’s son has a baby by Noah’s wife. We can’t be watchmen drunk out of our minds,

Alcohol diagramAlcohol diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost always when people drink or take some mind altering substance the chance of some sin occurring is greater than if there had not been influence of the substance.

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