Tax Payers, Is Your Cry Misplaced?

In Washington, a reports says teen sex and pregnancies are at an all-time high, and educators blame a new program which promotes encourages it. “A 150 percent increase in teen pregnancy rates over the past decade has led more high schools to eliminate “Fuck Your Brains Out,” a national sexual education program that encourages adolescents to have sex frequently and with as many partners as possible, sources confirmed Thursday.”“A 150 percent increase in teen pregnancy rates over the past decade has led more high schools to eliminate “*uck Your Brains Out,” a national sexual education program that encourages adolescents to have sex frequently and with as many partners as possible, sources confirmed Thursday.” (The Onion, 2013).I believe to answer the question “Are talk radio shows a good thing or a bad thing? Why?” one needs only to open their eyes to issues like the aforementioned data to see that any form of media outlet is well-founded in choosing to report on our nation’s youth being led astray.

I missed this. Probably because my attention was focused on grown people and their lustful behavior being supported by the government which claims to trust God. That trust is definitely fallacious, and misplaced when it is invested in programs which further degrade the most precious to us; that is, our children. “

I find it absolutely appalling that people can grip about tax dollars being used on federally funded programs where the majority of people in low economic status can live or at least survive; yet, there is no highlight where tax dollars are spent in this area. Absolutely appalling, and I ask who is hardest hit. Here we see programs supported which help house, feed, and pay utilities for low income, predominantly single parent homes; which include teen moms who in all likelihood may participate in such a program portrayed here. Whose fault is that?

I believe broadcasts such as television or in for the money. I ask, how is it that this type behavior was not exposed nationally or played up more as it is with gay and lesbian marriage by the media. Moreover, America faces a severe moral judgment in promoting such idolatrous behavior; it is destructive. In the broad view of this issue I say yes, because at least the public has a say and can listen while in the car and are mindful more mindful of the happenings out in the communities where they live.

Consequently, America is a morally corrupt nation but has claims with trust in God, and to further shed light here one can see laws where prostitution is illegal but yet they fund free for all sex among the young. In prostitution there is expected risk of HIV and AIDS being prevalent, but no one expects that their children are subject to these type of ideals calling that class.

On the college level more solicitation of promiscuity is at hand:

In the article, “‘Sugar Daddy’ Billboard Near UCLA Offends Students, Neighbors” further degradation of impressionable minds is seen when neighborhoods are infiltrated with lust and thoughts of sex portrayed as a means to make money for the summer. This is another form of prostitution, but under the guise of getting paid as/like a job and it’s all legal. It is not illegal to take your clothes off, but it is illegal to sell your body, but they both go hand in hand in clubs such as topless bars and other gathering places which promote sex.

Source: Teen Pregnancy Rate Prompting More High Schools To Eliminate ‘Fuck Your Brains Out’ Program
Sugar Daddy’ Billboard Near UCLA Offends Students, Neighbors


Samar Minallah (in the middle) Filming in Rahi...

Samar Minallah (in the middle) Filming in Rahimyar Khan for a documentary on Human Trafficking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In life’s order there is a perception of what is true and right that has kept its members bound in confusion. Isn’t it love for selfish motives, a heart hardened that will turn against another to murder? In a particular society’s view whether the act is mass or individual; murder is wrong. Life is precious because it is God not man who allows it, and although finite societies cannot exist without it; whether good or bad life springs forth; it is a gift. How dear are the relationships committed to our trust whether dating or finding a mate, and where even those close family ties where mutual respect or boundaries set without a word are not safe? For those who have been cheated out of trust invested their lives have proved shameful; polygamy is wrong. Intimacies of the sexual nature for most are mutual, but found in every walk of life are those who cannot control the animal instinct within themselves. In a world of darkness there are those who risk not only their own lives, but also their victims; it is sex without permission, it is rape and it is wrong. Is this perception truly won by the people who live it, or are they disillusioned by those who live their reality in a dark abyss taking from and never giving to others? Murder for them is life, life to them is death, and close ties and family are but a means to an unnatural end; it is a murdering spirit. Thus the world is in a state of pandemonium, and it is all wrong.

What thoughts surface in the mind of a man with a gun who standing above another as he cowers on the ground in fear? Is there laughter of heart, a long awaited orgasm as cries are silenced when the trigger is pulled? Yet, there is an image of urine soaked pants, sweated brow, and tears as this living soul prays desperately in those last moments of life; because what is known about the face of death is revealed as the author explains it, “as if to read the words encrypted in a glance, a stare, a hesitant smile, urges: “Do not kill me.” It says much more than that, of course, once it is allowed to speak. It says, “Do not shame me, do not pass by without offering a hand of fellowship, building far more than what we build together, cementing friendship and allowing us to create a community” (Goodman, 2010, pp. 88, Para. 7). Thus a community is wiped out, one man, woman, and one child at a time, innocent victims? Yes, it is all murder, and it is wrong.

English: A chart showing positive correlation ...

English: A chart showing positive correlation between level of human trafficking in countries and number of female children out of primary school. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Killing of the innocent in the mind’s eye is foul, but there is one evil for which some are held in its grip, and where thoughts of death cry out for sweet release; it is slavery and it is wrong, because along with it comes a murdering spirit. Goodman says, “Murder is destructive. But slavery keeps its victim alive while stripping her of agency, assigning it to others who do not share her projects, hopes, or interests, but subordinate her capabilities to their wants. I use the feminine gender here, although slaves today are of both sexes and all ages, since the bulk of human trafficking is in women and children” (Goodman, 2010, pp. 90. Para. 7). Human trafficking as seen in this context permeates the mind of those trapped, and who long for the taste of freedom; heart, body and spirit.

The view of slavery as wrong finally begins to sink in, and there is an acknowledgement of its victims held hostage against their will. Self-will running riot rears its ugly head once more, and it is on another avenue where the screams of polygamy are heard; screams of sorrow, screams of hurt and it is all wrong.  Love of the heart wars against the laws of man, and love cries out for justice as the scene reveals women bound by bride wealth agreements, arrangements of entitlement; and torture for those who live this way. Where are the joys of marriage, the pleasure found in the lovemaking between one man and one woman; his wife, her husband? This view is of one man shared, and who is passed from woman to woman, house to house; it is pandemonium at its peak and it is wrong. “These grounds alone suffice to show that polygamy is bad for women and as such bad for humanity” (Goodman,  pp.91, Para. 3)

USAID Human Trafficking Symposium, Sept. 16, 2...

USAID Human Trafficking Symposium, Sept. 16, 2009 — Actress and UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu spoke out against human trafficking and lauded USAID efforts to increase awareness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Murder of spirit continues as the victims are forced into sexual acts against them. Sexual encounters without permission or consent is rape. Goodman explains further, he says, “Perhaps that helps explain why rape is used, even today, in warfare, especially ethnic and genocidal wars, where the object is not just to snatch land and goods, kill troops, or destroy materiel, but also to humiliate and demoralize. Rape is wrong. It is always wrong. No circumstance can make it right. Rape is not, as some feminists pretend, coterminous with heterosexual relations. The rhetoric of that pretense aims to infect heterosexuality with the violence that normative and natural bonds of loving couples vigorously belie.” (Goodman, pp.92, Para. 5).  Therefore, rape in all its glory is violence against another; it is war against ones spirit and it is wrong.

Finally, there is a moment of clarity into the minds of the deviant as people continue to conjure their own thoughts of right and wrong, or good and bad.  Rape is wrong and is violent which murders the spirit. Polygamy cheats its victim of their invested trust, leaving them loveless and always in search of it. Slavery is wrong, because its imprisonment of humans is also murder of someone’s spirit which permeates all aspects of life. Murder above all is wrong, because it takes lives, and kills not only the intended, but those who love them; mind, body and spirit in homes, communities, countries and the world.


Some Moral Minima, The Good Society Journal