Your Sunday Bread: Know the Truth About It and Stun the World with Your Wisdom

discerment_true_falseI felt like that people who suffer in their mind, and that some are so severely vexed they cannot determine night from day and  are taken over by evil spirits.

In fact, when my husband’s mother was sick was the first time I had experience seeing a mental collapse in a person, or rather seeing to such a degree that I saw for the first time in that home she was placed in individuals whose minds had been taken over.

One woman in a wheel chair was having fits to such a degree that she was tormented and twisted. Hence, this place was filled with demonic spirits and I said that within myself as I sat there beside my mother in law, and then a while later as my husband and I were leaving that same woman which was sorely vexed stopped screaming and turned her head  to follow us with her stare. I was looking back and noticed as the demon took over once again as she went back to that tormented place in her mind. Screaming in agony and body twitching.

I thought to myself that I should go back and pray, but did not because I was scared hearing so many stories, especially about demonic forces. However, there are still many forces to be reckoned with in everyday life because when people cannot think straight it shows. Therefore, it shows in the jails, in the hospital rooms, it shows in the sanatoriums, and it shows in us when we cannot believe truth, that is, that Yah can do the impossible.

About the following  video,  “Sign and Wonders| Glenda Jackson?” there have been many instances where so called miracles have been performed through deceiving spirits taking unsuspecting and desperate souls unawares.benny-hinn  It is the case that just because someone says they are prophetic doesn’t mean prophecy in the sense of biblical standards but in divination, which is fortune telling or a soothsayer, and the scriptures speak of how Paul was on his way to the temple and was accosted by such. The lesson in this is when to determine what is fake and what is of Yah.

In essence, do not put your money up when you can receive your healing free through your belief in the true Name of the Most High [See: Signs and Lying Wonders: Will You Be Deceived?].


”And it came to be, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of Puthon, did meet us, who brought her masters much profit by foretelling. Having followed Sha’ul and us, she cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High Elohim, who proclaim to us the way of deliverance.” And she was doing this for many days. But Sha’ul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the Name of יהושע Messiah to come out of her.” And it came out that same hour. But when her masters saw that their anticipation of money-making was gone, they seized Sha’ul and Sila and dragged them into the market-place to the rulers. And having brought them to the captains, they said, “These men, being Yehuḏim, greatly disturb our city, and they proclaim practices which are not right for us to receive nor to do, being Romans.” And the crowd rose up together against them. And the captains tore off their garments and commanded them to be beaten with rods. And having laid many blows upon them, they threw them into prison, commanding the jailer to keep them safely, who, having received such a command, put them into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks.” (Acts 16:16-28).

We should beware of the deception because the people are being robbed instead of healed. It is not the case that no people are healed, but that some people come in a name that is deceptive. Do you know the difference? As we see with the set apart ones coming in the Right name to cast out demons can cause some problems for the money makers.

For your hearing:

Matthew 24:24

Watch: Sign and Wonders| Glenda Jackson

Little Red Riding Hood: Lessons Learned from a Fairy Tale

English: Little Red Riding Hood

English: Little Red Riding Hood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To raise a child takes a village, because the world is a dangerous place; let truth prevail and be healed from the ravages of a lawless society. The inhabitants of earth have become desolate,  with many seeking  comfort in the most heinous of ways seeing rape as an outlet from memories of child abuse, murder as an outlet for an angry heart, molestation as a means of escape from an even more troubled past; and no one seeks God as their cure.

Therefore, rape begets rape, murder begets murder, molestation even more molestation; it never ends. In the story of “Little Red Riding Hood,” the view behind  the fairytale is as a warning to young girls to be careful of their virginity. It is originated from the French in 1697 portraying a young girl scarcely clad lying in a precarious position; underneath a wolf. Hence., the original verses of the tale were aimed at those planning on making their beds with the wolf so to speak.( Clugston,  2010, Sec. 4.1). Hence, the theme centers on all that is dangerous in the world and the consequences thereof. Its message can be considered by everyone not just children; grownups can apply the message as well. There are a few things that warrant attention in the story; the village, the woods, the wolf, speaking to the wolf, the long way to grandma’s along with those activities, grandma’s plight,  and the eventual death of Little Red Riding Hood.

Imagery of the village bring into focus a close knit group where the children can run about care free, and where the men and the woman of each house are genuinely friendly towards one another; in other words, they are one big happy family, because they look after one another’s interest. Hence, the premise here is that not one person in the village will allow a stranger to enter their midst. Therefore, it is outside the village where danger lies.

The text says,  “One day her mother, having made some cakes, said to her, “Go, my dear, and see how your grandmother is doing, for I hear she has been very ill. Take her a cake, and this little pot of butter.” ( Clugston, 2010, Para. 2,  Sec. 4.1). Wouldn’t be great if all who are given instruction would follow and walk a straight path?  The village is symbolic and reminder of the protection for those who dwell in it. The text says also, “Little Red Riding Hood set out immediately to go to her grandmother, who lived in another village.” ( Clugston,  2010, line 9,  Sec. 4.1).

The view of the woods is symbolic and can denote what is both good and evil which lurks there; in this case the dangers are of utmost importance. The woods are like the world for Little Red Riding Hoods, because a stranger lurks about waiting for the opportunity to grab her. In this instance we see the wolf as symbolic as well because it is within the dark, thick brush of the world that the stranger hides; sometimes undetected. There is also a need to be aware of surroundings, because while something’s in life have the appearance of safety they can lead to fatal consequences.

Children today have been taught not to talk to strangers, not to take candy or other things that might be tempting, and to do what it is you are to do out there in world and go straight home. It is no wonder then that the girl was in trouble, because first we see she chatted with the wolf; who is a stranger, and second she gave intimate details to him not knowing him at all. The text says, “As she was going through the wood, she met with a wolf that had a very great mind to eat her up, but he dared not, because of some wood­cutters working nearby in the forest. He asked her where she was going. The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf, said to him, “I am going to see my grandmother and carry her a cake, and a little pot of butter from my mother.” (Clugston, 2010, Para. 3,  Sec. 4.1). The conversation shares to much private information; the wolf made her feel comfortable enough to share it. and then the clincher, “Does she live far off?” said the wolf.

“Oh I say,” answered Little Red Riding Hood; “it is beyond that mill you see there, at the first house in the village.” ( Clugston. 2010, line 15,16,  Sec. 4.1). Oh! Watch out what you tell the wolf, because he will use it to kill you.

Safety is always a concern when sending children to places away from the sanctity of home, because parents never know what evils await them. Trusting that they will do the right thing is hard to do sometimes; especially when there are so many temptations to take them away from the task at hand. This is the plight the Little Red Riding Hood has encountered here. The text says, “The wolf ran as fast as he could, taking the shortest path, and the little girl took a roundabout way, entertaining herself by gathering nuts, run­ning after butterflies, and gathering bouquets of little flowers. It was not long before the wolf arrived at the old woman’s house. He knocked at the door: tap, tap.” ( Clugston, 2010, Para.4,  Sec. 4.1).

There are many tempters in the woods of life as is shown with the little girl stopping to admire all the loveliness she sees, and to taste of the fruit that it has to offer; while the wolf uses the information he deceptively obtained and goes to kill her grandmother. It can be noted that some people do things trusting too easily and those who they love are placed in a vulnerable situation; it may not threaten life as seen here but can threaten security.

Do not answer a voice that is unfamiliar. The old wives used to say, “follow your first mind,” surely to follow such a warning would be a wise application of wisdom when dealing with something unfamiliar. The text says, “Little Red Riding Hood, hearing the big voice of the wolf, was at first afraid.”( Clugston, 2010, Para.5,  Sec. 4.1).

Have you ever tried to play with someone’s child, and they not being acquainted with you start to cry? There is something about a strange face, an unfamiliar voice that small infants will not tarry with, and because of this they will scream, urging back until they are safely in their mothers arms once again. It is Divine instinct and this is the premise of this line because Little Red Riding Hood did not follow her first mind. This symbolic for premonition or foreshadowing; which tells of danger ahead, and led to the death of Little Red Riding Hood.

Ultimately the goal of all parents raising children or even young adults venturing out into the world is to be remain watchful at all times, stay on the straight path, do not talk to strangers, follow your mind, be obedient to live a long and healthy life.


Journey Into Literature

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Facebook Pic Picks Victim to Kill

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

TEXAS–A man posing as a teen on Facebook has shot and killed a 16 year old girl; claiming he did not want her to tell on him because he raped her, sources say.

Franklin Davis, 30, is accused and charged with attracting the teen and luring through a Facebook picture; where he posed as a teenage boy to hook up with her.

In an interview with Fox4news, Davis, admits to shooting the teen and then stomping her neck to finish the job.

Shania Grays, 16, would have been 14 years old at the time that the alleged rape occurred.

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Samar Minallah (in the middle) Filming in Rahi...

Samar Minallah (in the middle) Filming in Rahimyar Khan for a documentary on Human Trafficking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In life’s order there is a perception of what is true and right that has kept its members bound in confusion. Isn’t it love for selfish motives, a heart hardened that will turn against another to murder? In a particular society’s view whether the act is mass or individual; murder is wrong. Life is precious because it is God not man who allows it, and although finite societies cannot exist without it; whether good or bad life springs forth; it is a gift. How dear are the relationships committed to our trust whether dating or finding a mate, and where even those close family ties where mutual respect or boundaries set without a word are not safe? For those who have been cheated out of trust invested their lives have proved shameful; polygamy is wrong. Intimacies of the sexual nature for most are mutual, but found in every walk of life are those who cannot control the animal instinct within themselves. In a world of darkness there are those who risk not only their own lives, but also their victims; it is sex without permission, it is rape and it is wrong. Is this perception truly won by the people who live it, or are they disillusioned by those who live their reality in a dark abyss taking from and never giving to others? Murder for them is life, life to them is death, and close ties and family are but a means to an unnatural end; it is a murdering spirit. Thus the world is in a state of pandemonium, and it is all wrong.

What thoughts surface in the mind of a man with a gun who standing above another as he cowers on the ground in fear? Is there laughter of heart, a long awaited orgasm as cries are silenced when the trigger is pulled? Yet, there is an image of urine soaked pants, sweated brow, and tears as this living soul prays desperately in those last moments of life; because what is known about the face of death is revealed as the author explains it, “as if to read the words encrypted in a glance, a stare, a hesitant smile, urges: “Do not kill me.” It says much more than that, of course, once it is allowed to speak. It says, “Do not shame me, do not pass by without offering a hand of fellowship, building far more than what we build together, cementing friendship and allowing us to create a community” (Goodman, 2010, pp. 88, Para. 7). Thus a community is wiped out, one man, woman, and one child at a time, innocent victims? Yes, it is all murder, and it is wrong.

English: A chart showing positive correlation ...

English: A chart showing positive correlation between level of human trafficking in countries and number of female children out of primary school. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Killing of the innocent in the mind’s eye is foul, but there is one evil for which some are held in its grip, and where thoughts of death cry out for sweet release; it is slavery and it is wrong, because along with it comes a murdering spirit. Goodman says, “Murder is destructive. But slavery keeps its victim alive while stripping her of agency, assigning it to others who do not share her projects, hopes, or interests, but subordinate her capabilities to their wants. I use the feminine gender here, although slaves today are of both sexes and all ages, since the bulk of human trafficking is in women and children” (Goodman, 2010, pp. 90. Para. 7). Human trafficking as seen in this context permeates the mind of those trapped, and who long for the taste of freedom; heart, body and spirit.

The view of slavery as wrong finally begins to sink in, and there is an acknowledgement of its victims held hostage against their will. Self-will running riot rears its ugly head once more, and it is on another avenue where the screams of polygamy are heard; screams of sorrow, screams of hurt and it is all wrong.  Love of the heart wars against the laws of man, and love cries out for justice as the scene reveals women bound by bride wealth agreements, arrangements of entitlement; and torture for those who live this way. Where are the joys of marriage, the pleasure found in the lovemaking between one man and one woman; his wife, her husband? This view is of one man shared, and who is passed from woman to woman, house to house; it is pandemonium at its peak and it is wrong. “These grounds alone suffice to show that polygamy is bad for women and as such bad for humanity” (Goodman,  pp.91, Para. 3)

USAID Human Trafficking Symposium, Sept. 16, 2...

USAID Human Trafficking Symposium, Sept. 16, 2009 — Actress and UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu spoke out against human trafficking and lauded USAID efforts to increase awareness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Murder of spirit continues as the victims are forced into sexual acts against them. Sexual encounters without permission or consent is rape. Goodman explains further, he says, “Perhaps that helps explain why rape is used, even today, in warfare, especially ethnic and genocidal wars, where the object is not just to snatch land and goods, kill troops, or destroy materiel, but also to humiliate and demoralize. Rape is wrong. It is always wrong. No circumstance can make it right. Rape is not, as some feminists pretend, coterminous with heterosexual relations. The rhetoric of that pretense aims to infect heterosexuality with the violence that normative and natural bonds of loving couples vigorously belie.” (Goodman, pp.92, Para. 5).  Therefore, rape in all its glory is violence against another; it is war against ones spirit and it is wrong.

Finally, there is a moment of clarity into the minds of the deviant as people continue to conjure their own thoughts of right and wrong, or good and bad.  Rape is wrong and is violent which murders the spirit. Polygamy cheats its victim of their invested trust, leaving them loveless and always in search of it. Slavery is wrong, because its imprisonment of humans is also murder of someone’s spirit which permeates all aspects of life. Murder above all is wrong, because it takes lives, and kills not only the intended, but those who love them; mind, body and spirit in homes, communities, countries and the world.


Some Moral Minima, The Good Society Journal

The Face of Evil

An early electric chair. Richeson was executed...

An early electric chair. Richeson was executed in an electric chair on May 21, 1912. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe that anything that has the appearance of evil is wrong. Murder is wrong and I see the death penalty as a form of murder. It is not the case that even if a person has killed another that we should go and kill that person. It is wrong to take revenge on people. It is wrong that the government justifies murder calling it justice; wrong is wrong.

I was arguing this point in class and to everyone else that will hear; especially, to those who want to take the word of God and use it. I note, that to use the verse that implies“an eye for an eye, and a tooth for tooth” is totally taken out of context in this instance. If God is the giver of life, then is he really in agreement with using the death penalty? Is not life special, precious no matter what a person has done? I argue then that it not justice to kill under any circumstance, because of the way that these people are killed in deployable conditions such as gas and electrocuting.

It is seen that it is even against the law of the land for a soldier to torture an enemy who has sinned against us in such a manner. How is it then that we can take one of our own citizens and torture them?

“For example, according to Dr. T Bernstein of the Wallace-Kettering Neuroscience Institute at Wright State University, writing in Medical Instrumentation in 1975, two doctors by the name of Prevost and Battelli demonstrated in 1899 that death from electrocution was caused, not by damaging the brain, but by high voltages of electricity causing very rapid irregular contractions of the heart (ventricular fibrillation) eventuating in the heart stopping” (Juan, 2006).

It is instinctive to want a loved one who has been murdered to be avenged, but is it right that we should take another’s life to avenge a death. I ask will it bring the loved one back, and what about the other family. Murder is wrong, and it is not justice to torture another human being. People say that one turn deserves another, but I say not that way. It is better to allow them life in prison than to end a life that way.

“As for the execution itself, the prisoner must first be prepared for execution by shaving the head and the calf of one leg. This permits better contact between the skin and the electrodes which must be attached to the body. The prisoner is strapped into the electric chair at the wrists, waist, and ankles. An electrode is attached to the head and another to the leg. At least two jolts of an electrical current are applied for several minutes. An initial voltage of about 2,000 volts stops the heart and induces unconsciousness. The voltage is then lowered somewhat.” (Juan, 2006)

I watched a show where an inmate who was scheduled to die was allowed last requests and wishes. One ordered a bacon, tomato, and lettuce sandwich which I find totally senseless, because what good can come from feeding them when the food will not digest and will become stomach contents in the autopsy report. Also, a chef was called in to prepare the meal which I see as a waste of taxpayers money when people are already screaming about funds. It is ludicrous to make light of death just to have something to report on the local news. Imagine what will happen to the sandwich when electricity is poured into him. Juan says, “In one US state, the protocol calls for a jolt of 2,450 volts that lasts for 15 seconds. After a 15 minute wait, the prisoner is then examined by a coroner. After 20 seconds, the cycle is repeated. It is repeated three more times. The body may heat up to approximately 100°C (210°F), which causes severe damage to internal organs. Often the eyeballs melt.”(Juan, 2006).

It is a horrible way to die, and I believe that no one in their right mind who has a conscience should allow the Death Pentalty to continue. People place more passion and interest in interfering in gay rights than this issue.

Lastly the author writes, “Although death is supposedly instantaneous, some prisoners have been known to shriek and even shout while being executed in this way. There have been reports of a prisoner’s head bursting into flames. There have been reports too of a prisoner being removed from an electric chair that has malfunctioned part way through the electrocution and then being placed back in the chair once it is fixed in order for the job to be finished. Some skin is burned off the prisoner. The burned off skin must then be scrapped off the seat and straps of the electric chair before it may be used again” (Juan 2006). America, the free and the brave has become barbaric and cowardly. Murder is wrong.

The audience I speak to are those who cannot seem to shake the act of revenge, and those who say they care for human life and who seem to have no problem taking one. Those people who say that genocide is horrible, that murder of women and children is horrible, but can sit and watch someone slain and call it justice.


What happens when you are executed by electrocution