Dead but not Buried?

Do you have a will? Many people who are impoverished, and even those who haven’t “gotten around to it” will never get that chance.

Perhaps your loved ones did leave a will, an estate, an inheritance and you and siblings or others are fighting that thing in court. Houses are left standing with no one to care for them, have become an eye sore for neighborhoods because the lawn has grown unruly.

Ironically, even the Stars’ families are battling over who gets what. CNN Entertainment reports, “A Philadelphia man claiming to be the “Jeffersons” actor’s brother is challenging a will Hemsley signed a month before his death, according to the funeral home handling his arrangements.”

To think, that Hemsley is still frozen at the funeral home 6 weeks after his death is unthinkable.

CNN reports, the man claiming to be the deceased actor’s  brother says that Hemsley was worried about him being alone.

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