ATF involved in Friday Ferguson shooting

“A few of them had handguns within their hands,” said Logan. He said it was unclear why someone started firing shots. Police are looking for a maroon colored vehicle believed to be involved in the shooting.

The victim was walking on the parking lot with another person when the shooting started.

“The two subjects walking heard gunshots, ducked down and one individual who ducked down was struck in the upper chest area,” said Ferguson Police Capt. Dan DeCarli.

Logan said the victim tried to duck behind a dumpster after hearing the first shot fired.

“Three more shots rang out, and one of those shots ended up hitting him,” said Logan.

Logan and another man stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived, hoping he would survive.

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis County police confirm there has been a shooting near the intersection of Ferguson Road and Sharondale.  The shooting occurred on Friday afternoon near the Park Ridge apartments.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are involved in the incident.  Police are on the scene.  They are looking closely at a black Chevy car parked on the grass near the apartments.  Officers can be seen taking pictures of the vehicle and looking inside.

More details will be posted as this story develops.

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